Monday, November 3, 2014

Random Recap + Recipe

Happy Monday!! I have a few things I wanted to mention that I hadn't posted about yet.

First off, last week Cate was asked to be on TV. Our good friend Lindee, of The Lindee Tree, hosts a segment on Daytime Blue Ridge. Her recent segment was demonstrating how to create a non-sew Halloween dress and a pumpkin bun. She included her daughter and Cate to be her models.

You can check out the clip here or the article on the show here.

As I commented on earlier, our anniversary was Wed. My hubs surprised me with the most gorgeous flowers he's ever given me. I absolutely LOVE pink and green and I loved that the bow coordinated!

He also picked up the Kate Spade studs I'd been wanting since last year!

And finally we had a great Halloween. I set our table with a few goodies for the kids to wake up to the next morning. They were really excited to walk downstairs on Halloween morning.

Then when it was finally time to get ready for the night, I had to plan my outfit based on the cold! I bundled up with my cargo jacket, plaid scarf, and boots!

It turned cold toward the end of the week and there was a potential for rain! Yuck!

I got the kids dressed and we were ready to head out for the night.

We were invited to a neighborhood party which was a great distraction for the kids. It's always so hard for them to sit and wait to start trick or treating. The party was an excellent way to have fun and kill time!

There were 10 kids in our group!

And while we originally planned to ride around in the back of a truck, it started to pour the rain as soon as we walked outside. Plan B was our friends van. It actually worked out great b/c both sliding doors and the back automatically opening, made for easy in and out. I was fortunate enough to be in the back with all of the kids! ha!

And lastly I'll leave you with a recipe I fixed yesterday, Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup. With my little man feeling under the weather and it turning cold outside, the crock pot soup seemed like the best choice! I'll also mention that I have two pretty picky kids, and they both really like it!

**I typically fix this on the stove and then transfer it to the crock pot.

Have a great day!

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