Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Delicious Cocktail

I wasn't planning to post today but after last night's cocktail, I felt the need to share the details with you!!!

I bought a bottle of St. Germaine awhile back and had been mixing it with various things for my sporadic nightcap. But I was never 100% happy with what I created. Recently my friends Lindee and Carissa introduced to me one of their favorites and I finally bought the remaining ingredients for the drink today. And while we don't know the technical name for the drink, it does remind me of Jungle Juice from college. So you've been warned! ;)

Delicious Cocktail

1 cup cranberry juice (I used Diet Cran)
1 shot Pear Vodka
1 shot St. Germaine

Fill shaker with ice, add ingredients, shake and serve!
*Adjust ingredients to your liking!

There are so many yummy cocktails you can make with St. Germaine. Another one I'm going to try in the near future will be to substitute champagne for the cranberry juice! YUM! Here are some other recipes with my beloved St. Germaine.



  1. Super Cute! Thanks for sharing the new blog! I need all the fashion help I can get! ha!

  2. This. sounds. amazing. My husband loves pears and I can only imagine how much he would love this drink!! Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for linking up with us!! Hope to see you next week! P.S. You should name it something like PEARfectly Sinful. haha.