Friday, March 6, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Hey guys!! We finally made it to Friday. This was our first full week back to school in quite some time. You know what, I jinxed us. I wrote the beginning of the post on Wed when I assumed we would have school all week. Now here we are Thursday night and they didn't have school again today and won't tomorrow. UGH! Needless to say, we are all tired and thankful for the weekend!! And speaking of the weekend, I am looking forward to packing the kids up (hopefully) and heading back to my hometown to visit with my dad, brother, and sweet little niece.

Before I go, I wanted to write my "very random" Friday post! Oh, and if you have time, check back tomorrow for a festive post for the upcoming holiday!

~ ONE ~ 

 If you want something easy to fix this weekend, be sure to check out my post from earlier this week (I may or may not have made a TV appearance!!). The lucky charm treats are so yummy! You won't be disappointed!

~ TWO~

But speaking of said treats, I wouldn't recommend fixing 2 batches (like I had to do this week) and then eat both batches within 3 days. You won't like the way you look when you decide to take a bikini selfie. Who does that anyway?? Yep, me! It was my first time doing so and I have huge regret. Although it's also been a wake up call to really start increasing my runs. I also need to start Jillian back soon!


I received this beauty in the mail this week and I love it even more in person! I may end up ordering another color. Seriously considering the navy one.


Target strikes again! I'm seriously not allowed to shop there very often b/c I can't ever seem to leave in under $100. Well I've really outdone myself this week. Within 2 days, I doubled my normal amount. BUT..I can't even begin to tell you how much I SAVED! And i LOVE saving money! :) I just had to take advantage of their great sale going on now. (See my earlier post for details if you haven't already.) Most of my purchases were online last night, so once I receive them I'll be sure to update you. But I was in the store yesterday and snagged two adorable dresses (this and this) for my niece. They were on sale too! I also picked up another suit and coverup for my daughter and a cute mint top (for me) that I couldn't resist. (I will admit, I do miss the toddler girl section. The big girls section just isn't the same.) Oh, and a ton of Easter candy for me the kids.  I couldn't get over all of the sales. I also couldn't get over the amount of stock in our store. Our store usually seems pretty disheveled and empty, but not this time


I still can't believe my baby is 3. We took a few "formal" pics the other day. My daughter always has school pics so we like to have one of our son every year too (to have framed side by side). And the grandparents like it too! lol But for some reason during this photo sesh, William just wasn't cooperating!  Or should I say, he was just being a very silly boy! It's a shame he doesn't have much personality! Ha!

So I think we may end up ordering the one below. Any thoughts?

I hope you have a great wknd!! We can't wait to see our family and love on my sweet niece!


Does anyone still write snail mail anymore? I love sending and receiving mail. And it's even more fun when using fun stationary and pens! (The wine doesn't hurt either!) But seriously, my momma taught me from a young age to always write thank you notes. I still do as an adult and now my kids do too. But sometimes it's just nice to write a letter for fun!

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  1. I love sending and receiving mail. It's the best. And seriously...that little boy of yours...precious. Have a great weekend my friend !!!

  2. I totally agree with the big girl section ar Target! It just isn't the same as the toddlers. I like my little girls to look like little girls! Happy Friday!

  3. That pen, notepad and glittery wine glass are so fun and adorable love!!

  4. I love/hate making delicious treats because I can’t control myself!! I’ve had that same green top in my shopping cart all week – think I’m definitely going to go ahead and order this weekend! Does it fit well!? Love snail mail and love monogram paper!!

  5. Dang, Target. So much cuteness!!!!! :)

  6. I have been eyeing that green top but was so unsure how it would look. I am so glad you love it because I want to order one like NOW!!!!! Happy Friday girl :)