Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Basket Ideas +++ SALE ALERT!!

I can't believe Easter is next weekend!! Luckily I have already shopped for all of my Easter basket fillers. But if you still need some ideas, here are just a few!

**Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom for an awesome sale!!

And as I've mentioned before, I tend to put more "real" items and less candy in the baskets for my kids. As they get older, I'm sure I'll move to more candy. But right now, this seems to work for us!

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Oh, and we bought kites to put beside the kids' baskets too! There's a local kite festival every April in our town that we enjoy attending. The kids will be thrilled with their kites.

Other suggestions for children would be a DVD, games, coloring books, crayons, pens.

Baskset Ideas for Boys

Sunglasses / Matchbox Cars / Book / Book / Fedora / Playdoh / Shoes / Bow Tie

And just in case you enjoy doing something for that special guy in your life, here are some ideas! My hubs and I typically just buy each other a card (we are REALLY big on cards for every holiday) and a bag of our favorite candy. But I think sometimes once you have kids, the shift focuses more to them. Nonetheless, I did purchase him a few fun things this year. I'll probably post pics of the 3 baskets AFTER Easter. ;)

Easter basket idea for hubs

Gum / Golf balls / Flashlight / DVD / Beef Jerky / Golf tees / Jelly beans / K Cups

Some other ideas could be: alcohol (mini airplane bottles, beer), his favorite candy, earbuds

Have you finished your baskets yet? Do you fill them more with candy or other things?

And now for the sale!!! 

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Happy Shopping! I hope I don't end up buying all of the colors!

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  1. I love all of these ideas. I am like you, too! I like to do real stuff in their baskets and things that they will actually need or use. The kite festival sounds so fun! My kids always want to fly their kites, but it seems that we can never catch a windy day.