Thursday, March 5, 2015

Camo Pants

Well here we are, another day off from school. And we were doing so well with going Mon-Wed. Today they are calling for ice/sleet, so no school. But of course, it's my day to work! **SIGH**

Anywho, I recently ordered another pair of camo pants. This time, from Loft, and for such a great deal (less than $27!!). I had visions of how I would style them this Spring, but had to shift gears and think layers b/c it's still extremely cold here.

However, I decided to create 3 additional looks for how I plan to style them when it gets a little warmer (and the snow melts! ha!). I think I'm the most excited about look #3 b/c it's a little dressier and would be perfect for date night! (Obviously these styles were inspired by a looks on pinterest. And what's even funnier is that one of my favorite blogs wrote a blog earlier this week discussing camo and denim. But my post was already written just waiting to be published! Great minds, I guess!)

1 / 2 / 3

Camo Pants

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:
Denim Jacket / White Tank / Pants / Sandals

Outfit 3:
Black Sleeveless Top / Pants / Black Sandals / Necklace
(I'm also thinking a nude pair of heels or even leopard print? What do think of pattern mixing??)

I can also see myself pairing them with a PINK tank (b/c we know my love for PINK) and a good comfy pair of flops!

Do you own a pair of camo pants? If so, how would you style them? Do you find them to almost be considered a neutral color?


  1. So adorable. And seriously I need pink hunters. Did you get them recently ???

    1. Weird, I swear I replied to your comment but now it's not showing. Anyhow, I actually received these for Christmas 2 years ago from Nordstrom. I don't know why they don't stock hot pink all the time. Such a great color!

  2. Snow day here too! I’m currently watching the huge flakes we are getting fall – I think our biggest storm yet. I love the fit of loft’s pants – I might just need to check out the camo. I love your vest; I will miss all my vests once winter is over.