Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all (Spring Edition)

Happy Friday!!!! This week seemed to go by rather quickly with pretty decent weather, until it decided to snow yesterday from 3pm-my bedtime. I am sooo seriously ready for Spring!! I sure hope yesterday was a fluke thing and we are well into our warmer days.

The hubs is working this weekend so it'll just be me and the kiddos. But I have some fun things planned. And I have to do the dreaded "closet swap" for my clothes (removing Winter and bringing out Spring/Summer) AND go thru the kids' closets too! UGH! Does anyone else strongly dislike that process?

Anywho, today's post is another very random one! Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see my fun link ups! And I hope you have a great weekend!!

 I was stoked to find a few rotisserie chickens marked way down when I was doing some grocery shopping on Monday.  A friend once told me that she will buy, peel, and freeze these chickens and then just pull them out of the freezer when needed. This has been SO incredibly helpful for me. We eat a lot of chicken in our house and I am not too fond of  fresh chicken breasts. They just gross me out and I end up not wanting to eat the meal. (Weird, I know!) So I'll typically buy a rotisserie chicken every time I'm shopping whether I need it or not just to freeze it. So despite the fact that I actually HATE the peeling process, the hubs convinced me to buy all 4 marked down chickens. Wow, that was a lot of talking about chicken. But maybe you'll find the freezing tip helpful too!

On Monday after shopping and my TV appearance, I was able to go for a run OUTSIDE for the first time this year. I was so excited. It was even warm enough for shorts and at tank! Wahoo!

I had to work on St. Patty's Day but I was secretly excited b/c it meant I got to wear my new green top again! And notice the shamrock bracelet and necklace that my daughter accessorized me with!

 Wednesday was SUCH a fun day b/c I drove with a friend to a nearby city for a few hours. She told me about the J.Crew Clearance Store that was located in the town. I had never even heard about it. Apparently one of the Jcew Factory's (the actual factory) is in this town and they have a storefront close by. The clothes are seriously marked down and some are even damaged (which means marked down even more), but lots were awesome! I left with such great things at SUCH great prices. It took about an hour to get there, but I do hope to take my hubs back soon (he loves JCrew too!).

As I mentioned earlier, we were starting to have warmer weather and were being teased with Spring. I immediately bought some gorgeous tulips.

And dressed my kiddos in their adorable Easter jammies. B/c what says Spring more than tulips and Easter jammies?? But now I need the warmer weather to return! Thanks!

I recently ordered this maxi from my favorite online boutique. I am DYING for it to arrive.  I'll let you know how it turns out! (Crossing my fingers that it fits b/c I was in between sizes and sized down this time. EEK!)

As always, my fun link ups:

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Have a wonderful weekend! See you back next week for some fun Easter posts! Easter is early this year!  


  1. Spring needs to come asap! Have a great weekend !!!

  2. That J Crew clearance store sounds amazing!!! Wish there was one of those near us and that dress you bought it gorgeous! Love the colors. :-)

    1. It was seriously SO SO great! I will definitely be returning soon!
      And thanks, I loved it too!! Can't wait for it to arrive!

  3. Oh, I just love tulips. Like seriously they scream Spring! And that dress?!?! Amazing!

  4. Oh the J.Crew store must have been the best!! You should share what goodies you got! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Love the idea of freezing the chicken! I buy it all the time for my 15 month old and we usually end up throwing half of it out. I can't believe I never thought of freezing it!!

  6. Great idea about the chicken. I also am grossed out by raw chicken and prefer to buy these for recipes, etc. I have never thought about freezing it. I also LOVE the green blouse (perfectly accessorized).