Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had such a wonderful weekend!! I knew it would be a great one!! Beware for picture overload!! (You've been warned. ;)

We started on Friday morning with festive pics before school.

After a busy morning at home, I got dressed and ready to head to Cate's school for her class party. I love ANY chance I have to break out my PINK sparkly flats!

Friday night we had our (early) Valentine's Day date night. It's rare that the hubs is actually off for Vday, so we took advantage of it. We both agreed it would be better to go out on Friday night instead of Sat night. (And I was so excited to wear my new pumps and also ended up wearing my new skirt. I'll write a post more on the outfit later.)

On the way home, we stopped for some donuts to give the kiddos the next morning. Of course I had to try one that night.

The kids loved waking up to some surprises from us and also presents from their grandparents.

And I was shocked at the present my hubs had for me (the same hubs who rarely does anything big for Vday - typically candy, flowers, earrings, etc.). He printed a digital card with a pic from our engagement night 10 years ago. I honestly couldn't believe he remembered it. And funny b/c we had just talked about it the night before. We were driving past the Hotel Roanoke (where he proposed) and I remembered we had gone there a week after Vday (b/c he was big into not proposing on a special day - too cliche) almost 10 years ago. And to think that he had already remembered. I literally had tears.

Then and now!

OOH, and he may have REALLY SHOCKED me with the PINK ray bans I have been drooling over!! I was so surprised!

We had pretty lazy/low key day Saturday and enjoyed some family time with my brother-in-law's family. I also wrote a post about some current sales happening now.  Oh, and my daughter and I prepared the cake for my son's birthday,

We're having his big party in 2 weeks, but I wanted to do a little something for the actual day. We had balloons, donuts, a present, and a cake! Perfect!

We didn't have much time before we braved the cold (5 degrees outside, to be exact) and headed to church. But not before a quick shot of the kids in more festive attire.

After church and naps, it was time for a small celebration.

It was a perfect day celebrating a perfect little 3 year old.

It's actually still the weekend for us, b/c the kids are out of school Monday and Tuesday (scheduled). And it's already snowing (calling for up to 10 inches) so we may be staying put for awhile!

I think there are still some sales happening, so be sure to either check out my post (for just a few stores) or any of your favorite online sites.


  1. What a fun weekend. And I am loco g your date night outfit! Everything about it was perfect! And yay for getting the sunglasses !!!!

    1. Thanks girl!! It turned out great, I thought! But I sure did stress about the outfit all day! ;) And definitely YAY about sunglasses! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh SO fun! So happy ya'll had a fabulous weekend! xo