Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Easter with PBK (Tuesday Talk Link up)

I originally typed up this post on February 9th, but realized it wasn't even Valentine's Day and I am certainly NOT one to typically think about/shop for/or decorate for an upcoming holiday until we have fully celebrated the current one.  However, PBK loves to jump the gun on these things and send emails out early about their products. And I am a sucker for all things holidays when it involves my kids. The Easter line is just darling!! And I want it all! (Not to mention, we are currently snowed in and I have spent way to long browsing my favorite online stores!)

And speaking of snow, here's a sneak peek of what we've been up to! The below collage displays before, during, and after (enjoying hot chocolate). I think it's safe to say they were happiest after they came back inside. It was bitter cold out and pouring the snow!! Maybe tomorrow will be more enjoyable!

And I'm not a fan of the snow AT ALL but at least I get to wear my pink boots! :)

Now back to Easter at PBK! :)

I absolutely LOVE this egg garland!

Oh, and these plush bunnies!! (Also available in Pink or Gray).

Last, but not least, the Easter baskets/personalized liners.

 I will say, in my opinion, I prefer the smaller size. When I bought my daughter's (7 years ago), I wasn't sure which size and figured the bigger the better. But it arrived, it was seriously HUGE! So i shipped it back for the smaller one. That's not to say you wouldn't prefer the bigger one, it just depends on how you intend to fill it for your child as they grow.

My kids love them and love having their names on them! (Pic below from the annual egg hunt that we host.)

 As I was looking back at past pics and the size of the baskets, it probably is better to have bigger ones when they young b/c the items they get might be bigger (books, shoes, etc, since candy isn't usually part of it). But I wanted to buy a basket they will have until their grown and in college, and knew it would just be candy/smaller items at that point. (And yes, I said college. My mom filled/hid our Easter baskets until I was married. And I think she even filled one of my hubs and I both the first year we were married.)

(Easter 2013)

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Doesn't everyone get Easter baskets when they're in college and later?

  2. I love all of the Pottery Barn Easter stuff, too! I want this door hanger and it's just hanging out in my "virtual shopping cart" until I can decide if I really need to spend $120 on it : )
    Hope you are staying warm...I'm with you on not being a fan of the snow!!!

    1. Oh me too!! Love that!! And i'd HAVE to get it personalized! ;)
      Trying to stay warm but I have to work tomorrow..and it's supposed to be high of 11 low of negative -2!! Yikes!!!

  3. Loving that garland! And those baskets!! Thanks for linking with Tuesday Talk.

  4. Also are you on Instagram or Facebook? Wanted to connect via social media. :)

  5. Easter!!!! It is my absolute favorite and I can hardly wait for it to get here.

    Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk!