Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guides (+Link up)

I realize I'm a little behind on the gift guides for the upcoming holiday, but you do still have time to purchase some last minute gifts if you need any. The hubs and I rarely do gifts for V-day, but we always do cards (for EVERY holiday - it's been our "thing" since we were dating). Typically he'll buy me flowers and sometimes chocolate but we don't go over the top. I usually just buy him a card b/c in my mind the day is made more for girls, sorry, just keeping it real! :)

However, if you do enjoy buying your special guy a gift, here are just a few simple ideas. I posted a pink shirt b/c the hubs will typically wear pink if we end up going out to dinner to celebrate. I also LOVE "The 5 Love Languages" book. We both read the book and did a study on it early in our marriage. I feel very strongly that everyone in a relationship should know what their spouses love language is.

For the Hubs
valentine's day for hubs

tie / book / pink shirt / glass /bottle opener / boxers

Obviously I had an easier time creating the list for the ladies. I think you could send just about anything (big or small) to your bestie and brighten her day on Valentine's Day. It might also really make her day special if she's not married/in a relationship.

For the Wife/Bestie

For the Wife/Bestie

nail polish / earrings / pj pants / candle / gift set / lip gloss / chocolate covered strawberries / fresh flowers


Last, but not least, gifts for the kiddos. I love making a big deal out of every holiday with my kids. My mom always did the same for us when I was little, and it's just something I enjoy as well. We typically wear holiday attire, make holiday cookies, and read holiday books (and anything else that's fun and holiday related). So when it was time to create my list for the kiddos, it was pretty easy. I just based it off of the things we love in our house!

For the littles

Littles valentine's day

chapstick / girls pjs / girls dress / train book / mouse book / cat book / boys shirt / boys pjs / toy trucks / heart shaped cookie cutter set

I hope these collections have helped you! It's definitely not to late to snag a few goodies for the special people in your life!

Oh, and today I'm joining a new link up with the girls over at Sweet Little Ones. Be sure to check them out!



  1. Love the lists! My favorite is the nail polish colors! I always love a new nail polish :) Stopping by from the link up!

  2. Ahem. Where is the list of ideas for Mimi and P? (All we want are handmade Valentines, in case you don't know.)

  3. I love the book ideas :) I think my husband and I should definitely read the 5 Love Languages book together. Great idea for V-day! And I had no idea there was a V-day Mouse daughter loves those!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us today! :)

  4. We have the 5 Love Languages but haven't read it. We should really read this together....great idea! I love getting book ideas for the kids too....that's what we do for the "little" holidays like Easter and Valentine's Day. And we love "If you give a mouse..." books! Thanks for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk again! - Jess