Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all

Happy Friday, Y'all! I am beyond excited for this weekend b/c we have lots of fun things planned!! Not only do we have date night planned, but a fun Valentine's Day with the kiddos, AND my son's 3rd birthday! Whew! I just can't wait!!

But before I sign off to enjoy my family time, I wanted to write my normal "random" Friday post. Be sure to see the link ups at the bottom!!


In case you've missed the news or my earlier post, Nordstrom is having a huge sale right now! I created a board with a FEW of my favs, but it's seriously worth checking out.


Can we talk about the Bachelor for a minute? I mean THANK GOODNESS these two went home last week. And yes, I had lots more to comment on, but their departure consumed my thoughts!

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I also wrote a short post yesterday about a quick and easy valentine treat that the kids will love helping with! It's not too late to make these cuties this wknd!


I just canNOT seem to get these adorable PINK sunglasses out of my mind. As I've stated before, I never spend much money on sunglasses. I usually buy 2-3 pairs each Spring (for about $20-40 each) and they suit me just fine. But for some reason I spotted these and I can't let them go. It's just SO SO hard to justify the price ($170) for a pair of sunglasses! Ugh! Should I or not? I actually made a deal with myself that if I "earned" the money, then I'd buy them. (I've been selling some of my old Vera Bradley bags on ebay, which is a side note and not at all related to these glasses.) But the thing is, as I get closer to having enough money, the thought of spending that much still pains me! What should I do?!?
Ray-Ban Mirrored Shrunken Aviator Sunglasses - Matte Gold/Cyclamen Mirror


I'm in denial that my son will be 3 (THREE!!) on Sunday. The collage below shows newborn, 1st birthday (top row), and 2nd birthday (plus formal pics). I almost feel like his years have flown by faster than my daughters!! All feelings aside, I'm beyond excited to celebrate him this weekend. We aren't having his party for another two weeks, but we will certainly make his big day a special one!

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And Astleigh, from Hill Collection.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! 


  1. Alls I have to say...get the glasses...I have the blue lens ray bans and seriously it's money well'll wear them for years! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Thanks girl! I probably will! It's not even Spring yet and I"m craving them SO bad! ha!

  2. My little one will be 6 months tomorrow, and I just can't believe how fast he has grown! Happy Birthday to your son!

  3. What's not to love about this post...the Nordstrom sale (love the outfits), those two crazies are now gone form The Bachelor, those sweet treats?! I love it all! Hope you have fun celebrating your little's birthday!!

  4. Oh my gosh- birthday, date night, v-day - I'm coming to your house! haha Sounds like the perfect weekend! And umm yes about the Bachelor! What in the WORLD is wrong with those women? Yikes! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! xo

  5. LOVE those pink sunnies. Maybe someone else will put out some knock offs!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Hi from the link up (and from a fellow Virginia gal!), sounds like a great weekend line up! Enjoy date night and lots of family fun!