Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday and Happy February. I actually really enjoy this month b/c of Valentine's Day and also my son's birthday. It's also one month closer to Spring!

We had a pretty low key weekend. We spent Friday evening having a family movie night. Then woke up on Saturday and took the kids to my parents house. The hubs and I drove to my grandpa's house to fix some TV/computer issues he was having. We had another low key evening on Saturday night. Sometimes a quiet weekend at home with the family is just what we all need. Saturday night I set up the table with some Valentine treats for the kids to celebrate/kick off the month of February.

Sunday morning the kiddos were really excited to wake up to the decorations and donuts/chocolate milk for breakfast.

We went to church and then home for everyone to nap b/c we knew they kids were be up late for the super bowl. After naps, baths, and food preps, we headed over to our friends house (who we always spend the Super Bowl with). I ended up fixing guacamole (my kids choice), mac and cheese bites, and a chocolate/peanut butter dessert. The mac and cheese bites turned out so much better than I expected! I will definitely be fixing them again!

I didn't take many pics (and I regret not taking one of me and my friend), but I did snap one of the girls. (William chose NOT to be in the pic, ha!) Cate went over in curlers (b/c she loves sleeping in them for school) and I curled my friend's daughters hair while we were there. They looked like twins!

We only ever stay until halftime b/c of it being a school night, but we always love spending time with our friends. But can we talk for just a second about that epic game? I'm not typically into pro football as much as i am college. But I was actually excited for the game and pulling for the Seahawks. And I was actually going to go to bed with about 2 minutes left b/c it seemed like the Pats were gonna win. Then it changed and changed again. Boy, I felt SO SO bad for the Seahawks QB, SUCH a bad play call. Nonetheless, it was entertaining and I certainly didn't lose sleep over it.

I can't believe Valentine's Day is next weekend! Stay tuned this week for some fun Vday posts.

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  1. Love a low key weekend. And ugh awful play call by the Seahawks!!! Have a great day