Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leopard Pumps + Date Night Outfit (+Link up)

I've mentioned a few times how I've been on the hunt for a pair of leopard pumps. I've actually been wanting a pair for about a year now but just hadn't found one I liked. Then I found these beauties and fell in love! How could you not?

But after MUCH thought and consideration, I just couldn't justify the price. I have to constantly remind myself that I'm on a "stay at home mom" budget and can't just buy everything I fall in love with (wishful thinking, right?) Not to mention, they have a 4 inch heel, which isn't ideal for me. I knew I wanted a pair I could not only wear out on special occasions, but also wear with jeans and look somewhat casual . I'm much more of a 2-3 inch heel wearer than a 4 inch! So for all of these reasons, I had to keep looking. 
I finally stumbled across this pair and after thinking about it for quite some time, decided to purchase them. 

They aren't exactly the same, but they are a 3inch heel, and SUPER comfy. I was shocked at how great they felt. OOOH, and they were half the price.

**for some reason my links aren't working. But if you can find both pairs at DSW. They are both BCBG brand.***

I had my eye on this pair too (which were more similar to the Sam E ones), but the heel was just too high for me (4 1/4 in).

All that being said, I finally have a cute pair of leopard pumps that need to be worn! :) Lucky for me, we have date night this week. Now i just need to figure out how I want to style my outfit, based around the shoes. 

I found a few looks that I LOVE hope to copy in the near future!

1) Source here

 2)Source here

3) Source here

But honestly, for my date night I'll probably play it safe and wear a LBD. I just feel like you can't wrong with it! And now that I'm thinking about it, I can't wait to see my cute hubs dressed up! :)

Anyone have any outfit ideas (including the leopard pumps) you want to share with me?

Don't forget the link up with Sweet Little Ones!


  1. I need those pumps. Where did you get them. I clicked the link and it didn't work ;(

  2. Those are so cute! Love them!! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Talk

  3. Love those pumps! I picked up some similar ones (Halogen from Nordstrom) during their anniversary sale. I have worn them several times now and always get lots of compliments. Can't beat leopard heels! And I totally hear you on the stay at home mom budget. It is hard to justify spending money on stuff you won't wear everyday but little splurges are worth it!