Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Recap

Wow! It's been so long since my last post but between Christmas, New Year's, fighting colds, and traveling, I just haven't had time to post. So for the one reader I probably have left, here's a recap from our Christmas. :) Oh, and if you read my (private) family blog then you can skip this post b/c it's basically the same one I posted over there. Sorry!

We were busy little elves leading up to Christmas. We baked cookies, fixed reindeer food, had a visit from Santa, and a phone call from Santa. I love the holidays with the kids, they really do make it so much more fun!

For our cookies, William was in charge of unwrapping the kisses (and trying not to eat all of them), while Cate was rolling the dough into balls and then dipping them in sugar. They both love to help in the kitchen, especially when we're fixing anything sweet!

Every year Santa comes through our neighborhood on the firetruck. This year the kids were prepared. Cate spent hours writing out lists for the two of them. Then they sat anxiously on the steps waiting to hear the sirens.

And we were all happy that Daddy was off this year for the visit, as he's usually working!

Santa also usually calls us JUST to be sure to ask more questions in case he didn't get everything answered during the visit on the firetruck.

Christmas Eve we attended church and then hosted my husband's family (plus my mom/step-dad) for a casual gathering.

I love having my momma live close!

The whole "H" gang!

Once everyone left, the kids sprinkled the reindeer food outside.

And then the hubs and I enjoyed a quiet evening together. We were both so happy he was off b/c he was scheduled to work (2nd year in a row) but his awesome coworker agreed to switch with him. I was so, so thankful!

Christmas morning came quickly and we couldn't wait for the kids to see everything under the tree.

I had over 400 pics from the entire Christmas week so obviously it took me awhile to narrow things down. I just decided to include a few favorites.

Thankfully we took this family selfie Christmas morning, b/c it's the only pic we have of the four of us from the day.

After we celebrated with the four of us, both sets of grandparents came over (separately) for more gift exchanges.

It was a wonderful Christmas that came and went way too fast (as usual). The day after Christmas, I loaded the kids up and drove back to my hometown to celebrate with my dad and brother/niece. 

But before the family celebrations started, I was able to slip away for a Christmas party with my friends. It's hard to believe we've been friends for over 20 years!!

The next day we celebrated at my brother's house and ate a wonderful Christmas lunch prepared by my mom, then spent the remainder of our time at my dad's house with my 3 favorite kiddos (in their matching jammies).

I just love my sweet niece!

And I especially love their smiles!

Next up, a recap from our uneventful yet simply perfect NYE. 

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  1. Wow, so chic Christmas party. Our mom is also planning to host a huge Christmas in May party and I would love to make DIY décor for that. From we have booked prettiest rooftop event space NYC for this bash. Just can’t wait anymore!