Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NYE Recap

We don't really have a set tradition for New Year's Eve. Our plans have ranged anywhere from attending a local black tie event, to just grabbing dinner somewhere and heading back home. But last year I decided I wanted to start celebrating with my kids. Cate shares my love for the holidays and it just didn't feel right making her skip the celebrations for this holiday. Last year we all got dressed up, spent the day preparing for the party, and "partied hard" as a family. It was lots of fun. I had planned to do the same thing this year, but most of us were feeling pretty bad from a respiratory virus. So we improvised this year and did the best we could.  We decided to celebrate family style/jammie style.

Since I waited too long (I guess I was too wrapped up in Christmas to think about it early enough), we couldn't find any NYE plates. I suggested that Cate decorate her own with gold/silver sharpees.

I thought they turned out great!

Then while we were killing time (waiting for Daddy to get off of work), we put our party stuff on and took some pics (and also practiced saying "Happy New Year").

I made sure to buy some bubbly for all of us and then Cate wrote our names on our cups.

The three of us did a practice toast (again while waiting for Daddy).

By the time Daddy made it home, we were all ready to curl up on the couch and relax (and apparently William was over the picture taking, ha!).

And as sad as it sounds, this was the first year we (the hubs and myself) didn't make it to see the ball drop. We just weren't feeling well and couldn't justify staying up just to say we could.

It's hard to believe the holidays are over, but I'll be planning my sons 3rd birthday before too long!

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  1. These pics are adorable and I love that you let Cate decorate the plates herself!