Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Happy Friday!! Today's post is a very random brain dump!


I'm not a huge fan of January, so I usually immediately start thinking about Valentine's Day (and my son's birthday which is the day after Vday). And I love making all of the holidays special for the kids. These plates are just adorable! PBK never disappoints!


My Christmas wishes came true and I received these coasters and immediately LOVED them even more in person!

Along with the coasters, I received the Kate Spade Gold Dot Tumblers. I sure do love these too! I've been using the tumbler and coaster on a daily basis. Love!


My sweet baby boy has been very clingy lately. He constantly says he wants to sit on my lap and I have been enjoying every second of it. At times, I do hesitate b/c it's hard for me to sit with my forever long "to-do" list in my mind, but then I realize it won't be long before he will NEVER want to sit on my lap. He's always been my cuddler and I do hope he stays that way!


I'm not a huge ice cream person, but over the weekend I was shopping (with my daughter) for ingredients to make ice cream sundaes. B/c I knew I wouldn't be eating any of them, I decided to indulge in my own kind. Oh my word, y'all, it was sooo good. And after putting the pic on instagram, I was told to try the Salted Caramel flavor too! I'm not a huge caramel person but just from so many recommendations, I may have to give it a try! Have you tried this brand before? It was my first time and it did NOT disappoint!


It's no secret, I'm a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan. And I have to admit, I was pretty shocked to learn of the break up between Andi and Josh. I know that most couples don't end up making it, but I just thought they really clicked. 

So there ya have it, my random Friday brain dump! Hope you have a great weekend! It'll be a 3 day weekend for my entire family - hubs is off and Cate has Monday off from school. Wahoo!

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  1. Happy Friday!! I'm loving your Kate Spade goodies, they're beauts! And that icecream looks like a definite must try!

    p.s. I was totally shocked that Josh and Andi broke up too!

  2. Love Love the Kate Spade things you got for Christmas!!
    As soon as I saw the picture of the gelato I was going to suggest the salted caramel it is amazing!! Hope you have a great week! : )