Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wish List Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Today I've decided to combine all of my major "wishes" into a collage. I figured it might help the hubs when it's time to purchase any upcoming gifts; Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Birthday, etc. Lol - yeah right. We don't really do big gifts for any of those events (other than birthday), but a girl can still wish and hope try! :)

Current Wish List

1. Leopard Pumps - I have seriously been on the hunt for a good year (or more) for pair of leopard pumps. They have become such a neutral in the fashion world and I KNOW I would wear them a lot. The only downside is the cost. As soon as I spotted this pair, I knew I was in trouble. They cost more than I will typically pay for any pair of shoe! :( But aren't they gorgeous!?!

2. Zella leggings - I LOVE workout gear and despite my laziness lately, I do enjoy running and working out.  I have been on the hunt for a new pair of pants (since the weather has turned cold). How adorable are these and I've read some really great reviews too!

3. Chubby stick - Who doesn't love a good chubby stick? I already own a few and love how they feel on my lips. I'd like a new stick for the spring/summer.

4. Tulle skirt - I've had my eyes on a tulle skirt for at least 6 months and I would love to have one to wear for Easter. This one is actually priced reasonably!

5/6 - New handbag - Now I realize I definitely don't need any new bags, but when I saw the new spring line of bags at Target I almost died. I love how bright and colorful they are!! 

7. Sunglasses - This is probably the biggest splurge, well let's just say it ties with the pumps. I am not one to spend big money on sunglasses, EVER! I usually buy a few very inexpensive pairs at the beginning of the summer and I don't have to worry about anything happening to them. But when I spotted these (in the pink color of course), I almost died!! I have NEVER, EVER seen a pair that I love as much as these. Why do they have to be so darn expensive!? Maybe they can be an (early) birthday present.

Do you have any items on your "wish list"??

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  1. I love everything on this list! I have the blue ray bans and they are the best. And those leggings...I have them and love them. And I'm thinking I need those pumps!!! Those are going on my "want" list for sure!!! Have a great day