Monday, January 26, 2015

Scenes from our weekend

Happy Monday! We had a really good weekend, and we're all finally feeling better. Hooray for healthy kids and parents!

Cate had an early dismissal on Friday due to an expected snow storm (that we never got), so it was nice to spend the afternoon/evening being lazy with the kids.

And I was quite thankful for my iced coffee and a little mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

My hubs was working all weekend, so I tried to let the kids do some fun things inside to occupy their time. They love to paint so I pulled out everything and let them have some fun!

These activities never last as long as you hope (lol), so I also ended up also pulling out the bouncy house for them.

Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for my monthly supper club. And trust me, this girls' night out was JUST what this momma needed! I decided to wear my new Lilly top. I know I probably should have saved it for warmer weather, but I just couldn't resist. And it didn't help that my friend (Lindsay - who I would see at supper club) had been begging for me to wear it! :)

I have to note that as soon as I put it on and was changing my son's diaper, he said "you have mickey mouse on your shirt, momma". Lol, what?? Silly boy!

Our supper club theme for the month was "appetizers" and the hostess originally requested healthy recipes, so I prepared Natalie's Endive boats. They actually turned out really good. Too bad they were competing with taco dip, chicken buffalo dip, etc, ha!

At the last minute my friend came by for a little pre-game action before heading out.

We had such a fun night!! I'm telling you, a night out with friends is good for the soul. I laughed so hard and ate so well!!

One more quick pic with another wonderful friend.

I'm so thankful for the friendships I have. 

We ended our weekend going to church with my cuties and then doing our usual Sunday evening chores.

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