Monday, January 19, 2015

Scenes from our weekend

Happy Monday, friends! And it actually is happy for us b/c we're still technically enjoying our weekend. Cate is out of school today! And it's a good thing b/c she's gotten sick again, poor thing. I swear we've all been sick (passing it back and forth) for what seems like months!! I will be so happy when Spring is here and we can (hopefully) say goodbye to the winter germs!
That being said, we had a pretty low key weekend. Cate woke up not feeling the best on Friday but went to school b/c she had a sleepover planned with my mother-in-law that night. I came down with a stomach issue on Friday so we spent that night being pretty lazy. The hubs and I took up the couch while William entertained himself with toys and TV.

On Saturday we planned to drive to Blackburg to work on my Grandpa's printer. But we made a detour at the mall to look at mattresses again. William immediately spotted the train and then Cate (she was shopping at the mall with my in-laws) so we ended up all (the 4 of us) riding the train.

We picked Cate up on Saturday night and returned home to another lazy night.
On Sunday we had to skip church b/c Cate was still running a low fever and suffering from a sore throat. So after long naps for all of us, the kids spent most of the day playing/entertaining themselves while my hubs and I watched football.

I did manage to get some snuggles from this guy!

And at times, we all ended up on the couch watching the game.

And speaking of football, I fixed the most delicious nachos for us to eat while we were watching. My hubs LOVES nachos and it's taken me (almost) 10 years to learn how to fix them but I'm so glad I finally nailed them! I will be sure to share the recipe tomorrow!

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