Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend(ish) Recap

Wow this is about to be a long post, so bear with me!

First off, Happy Dec 1st!! It's crazy to me that it's already December and I just know this month is going to fly by! But before we start the month, let's recap the weekend shall we? Oh, and I'm calling it the weekend(ish) b/c I'm starting on Wed when my daughter only went to school for of a half day.

We woke up Wed morning to discover a winter wonderland!! We knew they were calling for some snow, but didn't think it would actually happen. Sure enough we probably had at least two inches.

Thankfully my daughter only went to school until noon, b/c we had Thanksgiving cookies to bake (better later than never, right??).

Then bright and early Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) my mom and step-dad came over to start preparing for our big feast. We had to snap a quick pic with all of the grandkids.

And then one with me and the kiddos. I hated that my hubs had to work, but unfortunately in our profession (he's a Pharmacist too), it's just another work day.

After a few initial preps in the kitchen, we eagerly waited for the parade to start.

Us girls were pretty darn excited about the parade! ha!

My family was so fortunate this year b/c it was our year to be together (we get together with my mom's family every other year). Every.single.person on my mom's family (grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, kids, spouses, etc) was present. We had 35 people total (would have been 36 if my hubs had been able to attend). Due to the size of our crowd, we set up long tables and chairs in our garage so that we can all eat together. We also made sure to take pics after the meal.

And Thanksgiving was finished and the house was put back into order, I set up our table with a little Christmas surprise for the kids. I planned for us to decorate on Friday so I thought it'd be fun to jump start the holiday cheer with some goodies.

Part of their gift was matching/footie pj's. My daughter loves them (and it's hard to find them in her size). She also LOVES matching her brother so I knew she'd be thrilled with them!

They were such good helpers and we decorated almost all day.

Cate even stamped all of our Christmas cards.

Friday night we bundled up and headed out to get our tree. (Love their matching hats!)

We quickly found the biggest one we could find! jk! But seriously it's the biggest one we've had yet. I love big trees, the hubs not so much.

We didn't get to decorate the tree yet b/c the hubs has been working and he's the master of the lights. He must do the lights before any ornaments can go on it. But it sure smells good in our family room.

On Saturday I drove to Charlottesville for a short (but WAY overdue) visit with my bestie.

We loved rockin' our festive shirts/pants/mugs/koozies!

And she even pulled out her fire pit for us to make smores!

I can't tell you when the last time was that I made REAL smores from a REAL fire, and boy were they good!!

On Sunday I drove back into town and picked the kids up. Then we stayed in our jammies and watched Christmas movies most of the day. It was fun just being lazy before another week starts. So there ya have it! That was our weekend.


  1. So fun having your entire family together! I love when it works out that way for us. I am one of 7 so it's very rare that we all are able to be together at once! Love all the pictures!! Hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!