Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"A Meaningful Christmas" + Christmas Decor Link Up

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, for a holiday decor round up!

But before I start, I wanted to include an awesome project that I hosted a few years ago; "A meaningful Christmas". It's an awesome daily devotional to use with the family that involves ornaments for each day (to help tell the story).

There are 24 ornaments and 24 devotions. If you'd like more information on how to "host" something like this with your friends, check out the website or feel free to contact me. You will not regret taking on this adventure! It will be something you will have forever!

We use a separate small tree for all our ornaments to help keep them organized. I think it also helps us remember to do it each day.

And this year, my daughter prefers to read the devotion to US! :) (Just overlook the turban towel, this was just after bath time! ha!)

*** And now for the rest of our our decor! (And I'm sure I have missed a few things but it's only b/c we're still in the process of decorating. I insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving to start. :)

We have another little tree that we use for our "family picture" ornaments. Every year since my husband and I started dating, we've taken a picture and put it in a framed ornament (with the year on it). Since we've collected quite a few over the years, I decided to use another separate tree. The kids love looking back at all of the pics.

This is my "pink" tree complete with pink ornaments, pink lights, and a pink bow!

And this is my daughter's pink tree!

My son wanted his own tree this year, so we used a silver one we had on hand. I purchased him some blue ornaments and others and let him decorate it completely on his own!

I display our Christmas card from every year (+current) on our staircase. We love looking back at the older ones.

I displayed a few of my Christmas dishes on my sideboard.

I made a tiny tassel garland and I wasn't sure where to put it, so I just hung it across our hutch.

One of my fav parts - my "new" bar cart. I set up a hot cocoa bar on top complete with stirrers, straws, marshmallows, chocolates, candy canes, etc. This tiny area just makes me smile!

I've had these pillows since I was a child. My mom made them for my brother and me and now my kids love them. (At least I think she made them!)

The Little People Nativity - used to be my daughter's favorite and now it's my sons.

Another childhood decoration - our family Nativity Scene. My dad made the stable for this and we've had it as long as I can remember.

New subway art that I purchased at the end of the season last year.

My adorable college snowmen my mom purchased for us.

Santa Christmas countdown that my daughter LOVES! She's eager to change the number every morning.

My favorite little feet!

And a little holiday cheer in the bathroom. The tree is from my husband's granny, Cate's little hands make the angels wings on the plate (a preschool craft) and then I added some festive napkins.

I fell in love with this pink nutcracker when we saw the ballet in Richmond last year.

Our mantel this year. Typically the "H" you see hanging goes on top of our tree. But our tree was so tall this year, I just didn't think you could see it very well. I love how it looks on the mirror.

Our ginormous tree that took 9 stands of lights. It's not decorated with ornaments yet b/c we just put the lights on last night.The hubs even had to arrange the top things for me b/c I couldn't reach (even with a stool). I hope to write another post including my favorite ornaments once the tree is completely decorated! :)

And my favorite decorations - my little elves!

Last, but not least, my sweet friend dropped this book off on our doorstep yesterday. I can't wait to add it to our daily family routine.

I can't wait to see everyone's decor!! I love Christmas and all that goes with it!


  1. Super sweet decorations! I hope you're having a magical holiday season!!

  2. So cute!!! I love the idea of displaying the Christmas cards along your stair banister - so much fun!!


  3. Wow! So many trees! My favourite is the pink one :-)