Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekending - I'm back! :)

Happy Monday!! I thoroughly enjoyed my week at the beach, but it also feels good to be back into the normal routine of things. Not to mention, this is our last full week of Summer before school starts. Crazy!

Anywho, our weekend was pretty low key, so today's post will be pretty short and sweet (and maybe somewhat boring).

But I do hope to recap our beach trip at some point this week.

We traveled all day Saturday arriving back home around dinner time. I quickly bathed the kids and then they wanted me to open their presents. (We decided to leave my presents back home so we could open them up with just our little family). 

**Please excuse my disheveled - no shower - look and also the mounds of laundry/bags in the background of these pics.

In the past few years, we have taken the kids to the store and let them pick out something small for each other (the hubs and myself). They love doing it and it's fun to be on the receiving end of what they purchased.

First up was my son's gift - the stickable mustache! And honestly it was no surprise b/c he basically started telling me about it last week when he bought it. Not to mention, we saw it when we went looking for my hubs' gift and I wanted him to buy it then. (But he insisted Daddy needed a new truck to play with. Ha!)  The joy that he had once I opened it was like no other!!! 

My daughter hit the nail on the head with a bag of Reese cups. She knows my passion!

Among some other really thoughtful gifts, my hubs ordered this maternity shirt. I thought it was too cute with the double hand prints. He was also very "sneaky" when purchasing it b/c he made sure to pick the "gender neutral" option (yellow prints), as he knows we aren't quite ready to share the results yet!

Then we all had to take turns with the mustache! Hahaha

On Sunday we managed to make it to church on time (and take a quick 17 week belly shot).

Then it was back home for the dreaded post vacation to-do list; laundry, unpacking, cleaning, organizing for the week ahead, etc. 

Like I said earlier, this is our last full week of Summer. School starts next Tuesday for my daughter. I'm feeling the pressure this week to get things ready and organized. And also to try and readjust the kids from vacation time of staying up way too late and basically having no schedule at all! Ha!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip and how adorable are the birthday gifts? I love the tshirt, so special and fun! I can't believe they go back to school so soon, summer can't be over yet!!!!

  2. Yuck for school starting. And I cannot wait for you to share those gender results !!!!

  3. That shirt looks so cute on you with that little bump!! Love those tiny hand prints! Your son's excitement over the mustaches is hilarious :) So glad that you had a nice birthday. Can't wait to hear about the beach trip!!

  4. Welcome back!!! I am loving that maternity shirt your husband ordered - it can't be more perfect!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That shirt your husband ordered you is so adorable. I cannot believe your daughter goes back to school next week. School around here doesn't start until September. Well, most schools, some go back at the end of this month. Summer just flies by.

  6. Love the mustache pics. William was so pleased with his gift. Too funny.

  7. Those mustache photos are hilarious! That little shirt with the hands is too cute :):) can't wait to find out the genders!

  8. That shirt is too cute - can't wait to hear more about it! Reeses cups are hands down the best gift - my husband actually came home with some as a treat from the store tonight, ha!

  9. Enjoy your last full week of summer!!!

  10. You look so cute and I just love your bump pictures. Also, that shirt with the handprints is adorable! He did good!

  11. Look at that cute baby bump!! You look so wonderful! I can't wait to find out what you're having! My guess is two boys!!