Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ocean Isle Beach

We traveled to a new beach this year for our family vacation. We had originally canceled our annual Hilton Head trip (b/c remember our kids have never enjoyed the beach until our recent Spring Break trip and it was too late to rebook), but then we were invited to join my in-laws for a week. We ended up only going for 5 nights, but we had a great time. And my kids certainly loved spending time with the family, especially their 6 cousins.

**Beware of picture overload**

My birthday took place while we were there and my mother-in-law and daughter baked me a yummy cake. Then my daughter and niece made the cake "decorations". 
(The hubs decided to leave my gifts back home so we could enjoy them with just our little family. More on that in a future post.)

The afternoon of my birthday my 4 nieces and daughter set up a "spa/pampering" day for us women. They had different stations; nail, hair, foot soak, and massages. It was really sweet!

All of the cousins - lined up oldest to youngest. My oldest nephew just turned 18 and my son is 3. 

I did get to enjoy a birthday (seafood) dinner out with just the hubs.

One of my nieces gave my daughter and I matching side french braids for our last day at the beach!

Love my supermen! :)

This beach had a ton of gorgeous shells and my daughter loved collecting them.

It was a wonderful week with my hubs' family and I'm thankful my kids were able to enjoy the time with their cousins.


  1. Love love love that cousin picture ! Glad you guys had a great trip!!!!

  2. Your trip looked so fun! I love the family photos on the beach--totally frame worthy!! You have me craving the beach so badly now haha

  3. Looks like such a fabulous week and great weather! I'm with Jenn - you have me wanting to get my toes in the sand so badly now… just a couple more days for me! Love that spa day too - so cute!

  4. Looks like an amazing trip. I loved that you all got to go with family and all the cousin play together. Loved the spa day they set up for you and those braids are so cute!