Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Happy Friday!! This has been a busy week for us, as it was our last full week of Summer. And we certainly tried to do as much as we could while we still had time.

My son started a preschool gymnastics class with his girlfriend, Addison. It was really cute to see them tumbling around all over the floor.

And we can't leave out the big siblings who were such good sports during the class.

Every year before the students return to campus, my hubs likes to spend a morning on the campus of Virginia Tech (his alma mater).  So we loaded up and spent a few hours walking around Blacksburg and shopping at the bookstores. We also made a pit stop to see my grandpa. It was such a fun morning and the kids were being such hams in the stores!

One thing is for sure, we've all been trying to get extra snuggles from Cate before she starts school. It's going to be such a hard transition again this year. Thank goodness my son will go to preschool b/c he had a really hard time last year and I can imagine this year will be even harder for him.

I took my daughter to school yesterday afternoon for open house. It's hard to believe I have a 2nd grader!! And she's decided this year she wants to be called "Catherine". I love it!


I'm so excited for the new season of DCC that just started this week!!

I was never able to blog about the passing of Leslie (from A Blonde Ambition Blog) b/c it occurred when we were at the beach. But it completely devastated me and I'm still having a hard time shaking it.  That being said, there are lots of ways to help the sweet family she left behind (husband and two very young daughters). Check out Kelly's blog post if interested, but one of the ways is thru a dress purchase from She She Design (@sheshemade on IG). It should be on sale today. Every detail was chosen with Leslie in mind.  The custom tag will have one of her favorite verses, 1 Peter 1:6, "So be truly glad.  For there is wonderful joy ahead".

That's all I have for today. I'm off to enjoy our last weekend of Summer. I hope you have a great weekend!!

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  1. I'm trying not to think about Olivia being in 2nd grade. It just makes me sad. We have two more weeks of summer left and we are going to enjoy them. However I am ready for a routine again! Have a great weekend !

  2. What a fun tradition walking around Daddy's alma mater, sounds like a great trip.

    Girl, I can't wait to chat DCC with you. I love the big hair and Kelli F is my woman crush, she is amazing!

    I hope you get one of those dresses!!!

  3. So sweet how you have that tradition each year to go to VA Tech. Can’t believe it’s time for back to school. A huge YES to Making the Team – I’m addicted and hoping to watch in a couple minutes during lunch, ha!

  4. I was a reader of Leslie's blog as well and I found the news so sad. I just can't stop thinking about her two little girls. I hope they're surrounding by family and friends right now who are helping them get through this.