Friday, August 14, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Happy Friday!! We have successfully finished our first week of school (for my daughter). It's still hard to believe, but we are slowly getting adjusted to the schedule. And she really loves her teacher and seems super excited about this year. Thank you for all of the prayers and sweet comments about her first day. I appreciate all of them!

**And sorry in advance for some of the repeat IG pictures in the post.

Being pregnant really helps "curve" my spending desires b/c I don't want to buy maternity clothes and I can't really fit into real stuff. Plus I figure I'm making up for it with buying baby things. :) That being said, a few things have recently caught my eye from Old Navy. I adore this tunic and think I may go ahead and order it. It's something I can (hopefully) wear now (but also when I'm not pregnant) and it's only $17 (plus 30% off yesterday). I'm also strongly considering this floppy hat. I remember seeing them last year and wanting one but couldn't justify the price. This one is only $20 (and also on sale with code). Lastly, I love this dress but struggle with the size. I'd be afraid I'd order the wrong one since I'm not really sure what size I'd be (when not pregnant). Sometimes I'm in between sizes at Old Navy. So I may have to pass on this one.

I am NOT one to buy cookies for myself or even keep them in the house b/c I know I have ZERO control over eating them like a normal human being. However, OREO keeps getting me in trouble. First the Smores and now Brownie Batter. UGH!


Here are the pics of my sweet 2nd grader and her not-so-happy baby brother.

Fortunately I convinced her brother to take silly selfies with me to help cheer him up.

Then I thought it was funny that I witnessed the scene below about an hour after my daughter came home from school. I guess the first day of school wore the baby brother out more than the student! Ha!

I am getting really excited for our upcoming gender reveal party (T-2 weeks). At first I was just using pink and blue, but decided to also add GOLD. I'm seriously LOVING it. I'm really trying hard to do everything myself. But boy does ETSY make it tempting to just order things already made.

Once the kids go back to school, I am immediately finished with Summer and anticipate the Fall. Lucky for me, we've been experiencing some cooler temps all week. I sure hope it continues!

My hubs leaves today for a 24hour mountain bike race (that's too far away for us to join), so I had the kids make him "good luck" signs and cards. Please say a little prayer for him. I always worry about these things b/c the guys basically ride bikes (in a relay - so not 100% all the time) 24 hours straight w/o sleeping. Then he has to drive 6+ hours back home.

We'll miss my hubs this weekend but also have a fun party to go to attend on Saturday. I hope y'all have the best weekend!!

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  1. Cheers to Friday, lady! Love that you added gold into the party decor, so festive and fun. Your lil 2nd grader is way too cute in her pictures and love the silly ones of you and lil brother.

    Good luck to your husband on his race, I know he will do amazing!!!! Happy Friday, pretty!

  2. I love that you are adding gold into the theme - I love that combination!! Love that sweet picture of your son sleeping while your daughter is relaxing and I can't even tell you how long it's been since I've had an oreo but that needs to change!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm so excited for the reveal! And yay for a great first week of school!! I'm hoping Olivia is happy about school and early mornings this year!!!! Have a great weekend! And girl I am with you on the cookies...what even is self control???

  4. Love all the stuff for your reveal! Can't wait to see all of the party details. :-)

  5. I feel you on those Oreos. I try not to buy them because they are so delicious (and my mom ruined them for me by telling me what the cream filling does to your arteries as soon as you eat them....dang it), but those brownie batter ones sound phenomenal!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and the race goes well!! Enjoy this beeeeeeautiful weather we've been having!!

  6. Brownie Batter Oreos sound AMAZING!

  7. Brownie Batter Oreos! Omg, I had no idea. I love the idea of adding color to the reveal party. So pretty. I keep changing my mind on what you are having. I keep flip flopping. I was wrong about my friend who is currently pregnant due in October. I thought it was a girl but she is having a boy. So my guessing game is totally off.

  8. How did I not know about these Oreos??? I just finished off my last bag of the red velvet ones.....and now I know which ones I'm buying next!

  9. Excited to see your gender reveal party!! Love the gold addition.

  10. Brownie Batter Oreos!?! Yum!
    I love the sweet back-to-school photos!
    Can't wait for your gender reveal! :)
    Have a great weekend, Cory!