Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekending and "Making a Splash" (Link ups)

Happy Monday and Happy June 1st!

Yes and yes to the above quote! Phew! May was SUCH a busy month and I am more than happy to welcome June. June is shaping up to be a pretty calm month for us, and that makes me really happy!

But before we talk about the future, let's recap the weekend, shall we? And I apologize for how scattered this post seems. I just re-read it and realized I jump around a lot! Sorry!!

On Friday we spent the day at the pool and then all took long naps. The kids are just having a hard time staying up late, waking up early,  and going hard all day. It was nice to have a few hours of downtime for all of us.

 Saturday we had my daughter's dance recital. I always love seeing her all dressed up and dancing. She is truly in her element on that stage. We were so proud of her.

Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday for us with church and then preparing for the week ahead. Only this time it was just me and my little man for church.

 The hubs was working and my daughter had a sleepover with my mom.  Oh, and we had my daughter's GA coronation that night.
So now we can officially say we are finished with everything and have no real commitments until next school year! WAHOO!

I almost forgot, I also made a few fun online purchases!! After reading about these cute summer (casual) shorts on Kimm's blog, I snagged a few pairs for myself.  And while I was browsing Old Navy's site, I found this dress that I actually purchased last year. It's one of my favorite maxis!! I love the color, the fit, and basically everything about it! I also finally purchased this lipstick (in Saint Germaine) about a week ago. I had previously purchased the same color in the lipglass, but really wanted the actual lipstick. It arrived on Friday. I love it! And last, but not least, I was so excited to see that Nordstrom added the color black to this fabulous set of stud earrings. I mean, $8, really? You just can't beat the price. I have a few other pairs, but black is one that will be worn a lot from me!

So now that I'm finished discussing the weekend, I am also here to share a little bit about the "beach style" in our house. (Linking up with the Magnolia Mamas today.)

-Making a Splash-
bike rides, beach time, pool time, adult beverages, family pics, family dinners

The hubs and I seriously love the beach. When we were just dating, we'd take day trips to a local beach. Then once we got married, we started taking a 2 week trip to the beach. (We'd actually spend 1 week at one beach, then drive further south to another beach for another week.) Once we had children, we kept taking our beach trips. Unfortunately though, our kids didn't seem to take to the beach as quickly as we would have liked. We canceled our two week trip this year, but discovered during a short Spring Break trip (to the beach), that they now love it! Wahoo! So hopefully next year we can resume with our 2 week stay.

But our typical trips include lots of bike rides (Hilton Head Island is our favorite beach and almost every resort rents bikes. It's something we really look forward to every year.)

Beach time/ pool time (obviously)

Adult beverages (Our resort has a pool bar that we love to take advantage of.  There's nothing better than a frozen beverage in the middle of the day.)

Almost every night we head out to dinner somewhere. And before we leave, I insist on taking family pics. I spend quite a lot of time planning family outfits before we leave, so documenting them is high on the list!! Ha! Thankfully my family (somewhat) indulges me.

So there ya have it! Our typical beach trip. Can't wait for a family trip in July!

Hope you have a great day!!!

And don't forget my weekend link ups with Biana and Meghan.


  1. Looks like a fun time, lady! Pool time is the best in the summer time.

    Your lil girl is so beautiful in her dance outfit :)!

    I can't believe it's June either. May just flew by this year. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Yay for no commitments and yay for some new shorts ;). Have a great day!!!

  3. Oh man, I wish I had spent even part of my Friday at the pool! Looks like you had a great weekend--love your daughters outfit for the recital--so cute!!

  4. Congrats to your daughter on her dance recital - those were some of my favorite moments when I was a kid! Glad to see that the costumes are still really fun, too :)

  5. I bet it's nice that your kids are taking naps during the day - gives you a little time to recoup yourself!!! Your daughter looked so pretty at her dance recital - my niece had hers yesterday and it's just the cutest!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. Love those earrings (still!) and your daughter was so cute in her dance costume! I always love seeing all the costumes! Have a great day!

  7. Aww i miss dance recitals! She looks so pretty!

  8. She looks so adorable in her dance dress! Looks like a pretty good weekend!

  9. She looks so adorable in her dance dress! Looks like a pretty good weekend!

  10. So much to say...first of all, Cate looked adorable in her costume! I just love recital time. Second of all, thanks so much for linking up. I'm so excited for your family's trip. I love the beach, too, and don't know what I would do if the kids didn't love it like me. Third, Hilton Head is my very favorite place!