Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Today I thought I'd share my love for rompers and jumpsuits. I bought my first romper last year and I couldn't wait to wear it to Charleston during my birthday trip last summer. The quality of the picture isn't the best, but you can at least see it. I was worried about how it would fit, but it worked out great!

The only downside I have to both rompers and jumpsuits is the bathroom issue. Sorry to get personal, but I have a pretty small bladder. And this can be quite annoying when wearing a one piece. But, overall I think the look/feel of them are worth it! :)

I still haven't taken the plunge on my favorite Lilly romper, but I do intend to soon!

Here are some other great options! I love the fact that you can buy both casual and fancy rompers. I even have a romper pool cover up. 
(You can click on images to get details.)
I also purchased my first jumpsuit last year - a Lilly one. Again, NOT the best picture below, but it's the only picture I could quickly find of me wearing it.  This one is strapless and ties at the waste. It's oh so comfy!

Other great jumpsuits!
(Click on images for details.)

How do you feel about rompers and jumpsuits? Are there any that you have recently purchased and you love?


  1. Rompers/jumpsuits are just not for me. I think maybe because I'm so short, but I just don't think they look right. You however look great in both :)!

  2. You look so adorable ! Maybe I need a romper, this is a year of firsts for me...I just ordered my first pair of wedges last week, maybe I need a romper and maxi dress now too!!!

    1. Yes, Kimm! You absolutely do!!! And if not a romper, then definitely a maxi!! :)

  3. I love the pink one you wore last year!! I have found that the ones that are strapless are much easier to handle bathroom wise - it's literally like a onesie you slip on and off lol!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. So many amazing jumpsuits! I love this trend. xx


  5. That pink one is gorgeous! I feel you on the bathroom issue, you gotta basically strip down!

  6. This is a trend I haven't gotten on board with yet, but the more cute ones I see, the more and more I'm thinking I might try it. I'm still not convinced it will look good/right on me, but what the heck? It's worth a try and some of these are fabulous!

  7. Oh my goodness! I love that hot pink romper on you!!!! So pretty!!!

  8. I'm loving rompers this year!! I'd probably love jumpsuits too but I'm always too short!

  9. I bought a plain black jumpsuit from Old Navy (my first jumpsuit!) and I LOVE it!