Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Sneak Peak

This has been such a busy week!! Between preparing for Easter (baskets, the meal, family coming to town) and also my hubs' birthday (tomorrow), I am definitely excited to celebrate Easter and then slip away next week (Spring Break) for a few days of relaxation!

For today's post I'm sharing my Easter baskets and linking up with Darci for an Easter Basket Blog Hop.

My kids
  (Not shown is a pair of sunglasses for each)

I try to keep things VERY fair/similar between the two so there are no issues. Inside their baskets they will find a new kite, a book, shoes, bubbles, goldfish, a cheap toy (that the hubs picked out), sunglasses, and 4 sparkly eggs filled with candy. Oh, and a DVD to share.

The hubs 
(I couldn't find a basket in the house and he doesn't have one already b/c we typically just set out our little candy/gifts for each other on the table. Not sure what happened to our original baskets from when we were dating. Anyhow, I just grabbed a plastic bin from the closet instead.

My original purchase was just his favorite candy; peanut M&M's. Then I found the key lime flavored peeps and knew he'd love those. He's been wanting to see Oblivion, so I grabbed a copy of that. And also threw in a few airplane bottles.

 My sweet niece

She will be staying with us Sat night so I wanted her to have some treats from us too.
 I bought her a sand bucket instead of a basket (can you guess what her favorite color is??)

Inside she will find two books, a stuffed animal, sunglasses, a pair of adorable leggings, goldfish, and two eggs filled with candy.

So there ya have it! Our baskets ready for Easter morning. One fun tidbit, growing up my mom always hid our baskets. She said it was a tradition that my dad's mom started. So naturally I love to hide the baskets for my kids. Since my son was born, I have just hid the two together (thinking he just wouldn't understand to look for it). I'm thinking this year I will hide them separately. I just haven't decided. Have any of you ever heard of hiding Easter baskets?


  1. The week before a holiday is always the busiest! I wanted to make hubs an Easter basket but we don't want to over due it, ha! Still going home to mom's to get ours. At least we made one for the pup!

  2. I want to get those blue shoes for Hudson, too!

  3. You are ON IT, girl!! Great job... love all of the sweet baskets you put together! I should do one for my hubby too. We used to be so good about putting baskets together for each other before we had Jackson. How things change once mini(s) arrive! ;) Hope you and your crew have a wonderful Easter and a fun Spring Break!!

  4. Love them all! The kid's are gonna be so excited Easter morning :)

  5. So yours is now the second post I've read today that spoke of hiding the baskets which I think sounds like fun so we may have to try it!

    1. YAY! I love to hear that. It just adds another element of excitement!

  6. Cute baskets and love that you keep it fair. I know in years to come I will have to do that too. Happy Easter!

  7. kites are a great spingy idea, love that! and i love that you put a lot of effort into making things equal, my mom always did that growing up (and still does now for all of the grandkids!) they'll appreciate it one day when they realize :)