Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Happy Friday!!! It's seriously crazy how fast the weeks fly by now that we are back in school. Despite my efforts to want to believe that Summer is over, we are going to the pool (for a birthday party) one last time tomorrow. Then I hope to pull out all of my fall decor on Sunday. If you are fortunate enough to have Monday off, I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

This week's post is a simple "favorites of the week" post.

Favorite Quote

Favorite Purchase
I doubt I will be purchasing too much clothes this Fall/Winter b/c of my baby bump, but I knew when I saw this tunic I had to have it. I knew it would work now and also in the future. 

Favorite New Recipe
Y'all! I happened to stumble across this image and recipe on IG a few days ago and immediately went to the pantry to gather the ingredients. I LOVE chocolate/peanut butter ANYTHING and the fact that is no-bake made it that much better. Warning - they are seriously addictive!

Favorite Song
With my musical background, I have always enjoyed listening to a cappella groups. So when I first heard this group, I immediately fell in love with them.  My daughter and I discovered OMI's "Cheerleader" over the Summer and played it nonstop. So naturally when I heard the Pentatonix version, I loved it even more!

Favorite Verse

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! I don't get the hubby back until Monday, but we'll still try to make the best of it! :)

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  1. Great favorites, lady!!! Love the quote at the end of your post! :)!

  2. I agree that things feel like they are going faster now that the school year is starting. This week felt a little long to me but it was all of the meetings and prep stuff for the new school year. That and not being used to working full days for an entire week haha.
    Your new purchase is so pretty! Love it :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. That poncho looks really cute and would be great with your baby bump! Have a great weekend!

    All Things Big and Small

  4. That poncho is so cute. Oh I love Pentatotonix! Thanks for posting that video I haven't heard their version yet!! Love it.

  5. Love that poncho! And that recipe? OMG, I can't wait to make that! Happy weekend! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  6. Love the poncho! And I am repeating to myself, no, do not make that recipe! Love the verse! And I too, am so ready for Fall. It's been in the 90s all week this week and is expected to the same next week. I just don't love being hot. I'd rather have cool/cold and add on the layers! :) Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!