Thursday, September 3, 2015

Football Season!!

As soon as we crossed into September (well for me as soon as we went back to school), I started thinking fall thoughts. And with the Fall comes football! We love watching football in this house (although I only really prefer to watch college, I'm not really that into the NFL). And to kick off the season our Virginia Tech Hokies play Ohio State next Monday night.

Let's take a second to remember our last meeting with them. ;)

That being said, it's fun to start thinking about tailgating and also just enjoying yummy snacks at home (while watching the game).

My (extended) family has always purchased season tickets to the VT football games. So I grew up going to every home game. Then when I moved to my current city (which is MUCH closer to the college), the hubs and I purchased season tickets. But once we had kids, we decided it was better to give up our tickets. That being said, I've always tried to take the kids to at least one home game just for the tailgate to visit with family and enjoy the ambiance.

Although clearly Cate has always been terrified of the Hokie Bird! Ha!

And when we're not going to the tailgate, you can better believe we are watching from home (or the beach b/c we used to always take our family vacation during the Fall). Even though my alma mater (JMU - GO DUKES!) doesn't have a big football program (although it's getting bigger each year), I still enjoy dressing myself and the kids in the gear.

And also reminiscing about that ONE time my Dukes played the Hokies and we actually WON!

No matter what team you cheer for, it's always fun to pull out your gear (or purchase new things) to prepare for the season!


And let's not forget all of the delicious food that comes with it!

Our #1 favorite dish to enjoy during the games is Sausage Dip. I fix a big crock-pot of it and we indulge during the entire time.  If you haven't tried it yet, you seriously need to. It's super easy (with just 3 ingredients) and oh so good! Here is the recipe I use. 

Some other appetizers I'll fix include buffalo chicken dip, 7 layer mexican dip, and chicken chili.  

Are you big football fan? Do you prefer college or NFL? What's your favorite dish to prepare for tailgate/home?

Now, let's hope our Hokies are prepared for the big game next week!


  1. BRING ON THE FOOOOOOOOOTBALLL!!!! I love that your family is so into football, I think it's so fun it's a family activity and that you root for two teams :)!

    Speaking of teams and rooting, I"m sorry to tell you that the Buckeyes are gonna take it to y'all this year ;)! Yes, I married into a Buckeye family and we went to the National Championship last year so I'm pretty indoctrinated now. But, I have MANY a Hokie fan so I'm not all bad, right ;)! #GOBUCKS!

  2. My best friend (and then several other friends I know in the area) are HUGE VT fans so I hear all about Tech all the time :) Hopefully your team does well this year!

  3. We are all about football over here ! We cannot wait for the season to officially start! Bring on the cooler temps, football food and the games !!!!!

  4. YAYYYY! I am SO excited for college football season to be back! But sorry, I'm a Buckeyes fan haha! I grew up in Ohio, it's not my fault!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. So fun!!! Love seeing pics of kids dressed up in school colors!!!

  6. YES!! I am so excited for this to be back! Love how you have your favorite tailgate food - we have a few specifics that we always have to have too!

  7. We are super pumped about the start of football season over here too! I'm from Texas so football, of all kinds, is in my blood! We're Aggies and are so excited for Saturday's game!