Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Happy Friday!!! I am extremely happy it's the weekend.

My boss was on vacation this week and I had originally agreed to work 4 ten hour days to help cover the shifts. But fortunately after learning I was pregnant, I was able to find a relief pharmacist to cover two of the days. That only left me with a 20 hour work week and it just about did me in. It's not only the physical stress of standing for 10 hours but the mental stress. I have said this 1000 times, but I'll say it again: KUDOS TO WORKING MOMS!

I finally found the nail polish that my friend, Kimm, has been talking about. It's the perfect shade of white and I am so happy I finally found it.

These chips though!!! No words needed! #itsasouthernthing

I can't get enough of my sweet kids lately. They have been having such a great Summer and just getting along so well. I know my son will be crushed again this year when my daughter returns to school. I also had a thought the other night, my sweet (unborn) babes are so lucky to have such amazing big siblings to look up to!

I doubt I'll be blogging much next week. We are heading to the beach with my hubs' family. The beach is our happy place so I'm sure I'll be trying to soak up every last minute of it.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! And fingers crossed the babes cooperate today so we can find out their genders!!!

 See you in August! :)

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  1. Love the pic of the kiddies cuddles! So glad that you survived your two super long days--I know that was stressing you out. Thank goodness for finding backups to help with the other two days.
    I LOVE that white nail polish! I just ordered one last night as I've been on the hunt for the perfect one, too. What color is that? (I clicked on the link but it took me to a Valentino dress?)
    Hope you have a great weekend with your adorable nuggets :)

  2. Glad you were able to get someone to cover you, it's important to get rest when you need it. Have so much fun on vacation, it sounds like it will be a blast!!!!!

  3. Can't go wrong with a perfect white shade on the nails in summer - that's what I'm currently sporting as well!! I hope you have a great weekend girl and get to relax a bit! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Are those chips a joke!? I have to find them they look perfect! Have a fantastic vacation and enjoy that special moment today!!

  5. Hooray for sweet sibling love!! That sure does warm a mama's heart. :) Loving that nail polish shade! Mani perfection. ;) Enjoy beach time next week!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  6. I love that shade of nail polish! Have so much fun at the beach next week, and get a tan for me!!

  7. So sweet that your kiddos are so close! Have a great beach trip!

  8. fabulous is that polish! Yay! And I cannot wait to hear about those babies!!! Have a great weekend !!!

  9. Have fun at the beach. It sounds like fun!

  10. so the chips are good? and such cute beach photos!! :) ps: the nail polish is perfect!!

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