Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Friday, Y'all!

Happy Friday!! We have a lot of fun things planned this weekend. Today is my Mom's birthday, tomorrow is our Mother's Day Brunch, and Sunday is Mother's Day.  However, it's also bittersweet b/c this weekend will be the end of my hubs' 3 week staycation. We have all loved having him home!

Before we start our weekend, here's my Friday Faves!


My son isn't a fan of the skin on apples. Somehow he is way more spoiled that my daughter (he's the baby!) and we have let him get away with leaving the skin. But in doing so, he seems to waste a lot of the apple. So we started peeling the skin with a knife. My good friend suggested we use a potato peeler (she uses it for her daughter). GENIUS, I tell ya! It's so much easier. And while I realize he SHOULD be eating the skin (and sometimes he does), this works out nicely for not wasting.


I returned to Daytime Blue Ridge earlier this week, but this time as a co-host. It was honestly so much more fun that I expected. I was helping a friend out and knew I'd be nervous, but it was almost as if we were just having a conversation. The pic below is us in the kitchen with the mixologist from the show that day. You can view the Daytime Dish segment here.


If you remember from my previous post, I really wanted a new patio set. And secretly wanted to have it by this weekend so I could enjoy our first meal on it for Mother's Day. Well the hubs and I got lucky and found one on a whim while shopping on Wednesday. I am so excited! And we snagged it for SUCH a steal that I can't wait to use the extra money on some great accessories. I just wish we had a World Market in our town. I am used to shopping online, but honestly it's just more fun in the actual store. I can't wait to get it all set up the way I have envisioned it. I'll be sure to post pics once it's complete!


Today is my momma's birthday and we have some special things planned for her!

I can't say much b/c she may be reading this, but we plan to end our night at our first (of many) outdoor event of the summer (Flat Pickin' Fridays).


My Mother's Day celebrations started Wednesday night when I was invited to church for my daughter's "Mommy/Daughter Mother's Day Tea". She wanted us to both wear maxi dresses and wedges. I love having a little girl! It was such a special night! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all of the momma's out there!And I'm praying for those who yearn to be a momma but haven't had the opportunity yet.. I can 100% say I empathize with you. I have certainly had my own share of struggles in that department and will be happy to share privately with you if interested. Just know that you are not alone!

See you back on Monday!

As always, my fun link ups:


  1. Enjoy your weekend!!! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. How cool that you got to be a co-host this time on the show. I think that would be so much fun. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day.

  3. That's so cool you were on a TV show! I love getting new furniture, so I can't wait to see your new patio set!

  4. How awesome that you were on TV - that is just so fun!!! Happy birthday to your mom - hope you have the best weekend celebrating! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Awww, love that you had a Mommy Daughter tea! So fun and sweet! Wooohoo for the new patio set! It was meant to be :)

  6. How fun that you got to celebrate with a Mother/Daughter tea!!! Can't wait to see your patio set! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Have a great weekend! XO

  7. You are too nice peeling the skin off of the apples, have an amazing mother's day and weekend! You deserve it (:

  8. How cool that you were on tv! Love the dresses you and your sweet girl are wearing, gorgeous!

  9. So cute that your daughter wanted to match! Love it. :) Sounds like you'll have a great weekend!

  10. How exciting you got your new furniture!! Can't wait to see it!!
    Happy Mother's DAy

  11. Awesome about the furniture! You seriously can't beat finding something you love and then it being a steal of a deal! I can't wait to see it. :) And you and your daughter look so cute in your maxi dresses together. Happy Mother's Day! -Jess
    Sweet Little Ones